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June 18,2016 attended 2016 the Third China International Aquatic Exhibition(Zhanjiang)
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  2016 the Third China International Aquatic Exhibition had been held by China National Aquatic Industry Commerce Chamber of Industry and Commerce Federation、Zhanjiang aquatic import and export enterprise association, it is titled with“Aquatic products,make life more better”、it is aimed at“Help China step into world, let world share Chinese aquatic products”,Pay attention to Chinese aquatic quality and safety,seize strategic opportunity of nation promote sea silk road, establish a top level show platform of exchange、cooperation、win-win for overseas.And domestic attending enterprises, promote national aquatic enterprise to smoothly transform and upgrade, push international aquatic market to a optimum、healthy、well-organized integrated development.

  Time:June 18-20,2016

  Location:China·Zhanjiang Exhibition Center

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