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Congratulations on the establishment of Yantai Guangwei Food Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd.
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    Yantai Guangwei Food Cold-Chain Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of Yantai City, Shandong Province. The office is located at B2401, Nanshan Century Building, Laishan District, Yantai City. The corporate LOGO is UFECCHN. It is a reorganization of the South American division of Yantai Aowei Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd., an international renowned enterprise with 30 years of production experience. Our company focus on creating a one-stop platform for the design, procurement and sales of South American projects.
    Yantai Guangwei Food Cold-Chain Technology Co.,Ltd. adheres to the cooperation concept of “unity, cooperation and mutual benefit”, and not only receives the full support and attention of the company Aowei Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.  Brought together more than 20 quality manufacturing companies in relevant domestic industries, including cold chain equipment (freezing, cold storage, ice making, cold water, etc.), food processing production lines (cattle, pig, chicken, vegetables, fruits, etc.), racks, steel structure warehouse and insulation, packaging and conveying production line, etc., is committed to become the world's leading integrated supplier of food automatic processing and refrigeration and refrigeration intelligent solutions, providing consulting, design, production, supply, installation, maintenance and other comprehensive services. Cooperating to create a new concept of future intelligent production system in the field of food processing and production (new intelligent production)
    The company responded to the strategic goal of “Protection, Low Carbon, Energy Saving and High Efficiency” of the company's Aowei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.  Providing quality products and services to customers and technology partners; contributing to the green planet. Committed to becoming an integrated supplier of food cold chain and processing machinery, providing a full range of services for food processing customers.

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